One-Line Bio

American expat living in Asia who loves to eat, cook, travel and write about it all.


I grew up in the American Midwest and from a very early age had an appreciation for the many ways in which food was a part of my life since my family was living the farm to table ethic long before it became a buzzword. My obsession with cookbooks started when I was young and now I have cookbook collections on two continents.

My interest in the culinary world continued in my twenties as I cooked in and managed kitchens which sourced their ingredients from local organic suppliers. Later I trained in pastry and ran my own personal chef business. After college, where I obtained a BA in Psychology, I owned and operated a boutique spa and wellness business. After ten years I needed a change and moved to New York City but when the opportunity to move to Hong Kong arose, I jumped at it and now am based in one of Asia's most exciting cities.

Thus far I have had the chance to experience aspects of the vast and fascinating culinary heritage of Asia. Writing and photographing is my way of not only documenting my experiences but also sharing with others what this truly amazing and delicious part of the globe has to offer.


open air food markets, culinary travel destinations, Asian cooking schools, local ingredients, the Slow Food movement, farm to table dining, organic gardening and farming, culinary history and food knowledge, Anthony Bourdain, Asian Food Channel, Discovery Travel & Living Asia, desserts in all forms, dinner parties with friends, dim sum on the weekends, Rick Stein, Fuchsia Dunlop, food memoirs, Saveur, Travel and Leisure Southeast Asia, Jamie Oliver